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What is Guardianship?

Many independent schools and the UK Visa and Immigration, require players who do not have a family or family friend in the UK to have a “UK Guardian".

Guardians act as a vital “safety net” and typically act as both the school and student’s UK contact and provide a communication link to parents living overseas. They deal with everything from safe transit to and from schools, to reporting back to parents on academic progress, attending parent’s evenings and taking care of any pastoral needs or emergencies a player may have.

For those needing a UK based Guardian (required by most independent schools), this can be arranged for £500 per term - an extremely competitve price. The UK guardianship company we recommend and deal with is absolutely first class, and has over fifteen years of experience of UK school Guardianship. The company will ensure that the student receives help with all the very important pastoral aspects of boarding school life. They will also ensure transport to and from airports is arranged, that the student is looked after in the event of illness or injury, and help ensure that they are progressing satisfactorily academically. There is 24-hour support available for both student and parents in the event of welfare and well-being concerns, and a place to stay during half term or school holidays can be arranged if required. With the recent Corona virus outbreak, the tremendous advantages of having a Guardianship service in place have never been more starkly illustrated. Having a UK based Guardian to help solve the complex pastoral and logistical problems that this outbreak has caused has been hugely beneficial to all the parties involved.

If this is of interest then please get in touch with us and we will be delighted to assist.